Senin, 21 November 2011

para para paradise

Yes, another good song from them, coldplay ! Take on their new album, Myloto Xyloto, Paradise is my favorite song compared to another. The intro of the song is really unique and catchy ! I dont know, i just like the intro when it stops for a while then, "do dedoooot" it is so wonderful !! (over). Different with their previous albums, in Mylo Xyloto i feel that they uses the techno shade more. But still, They dont forget their characteristic, the identity of coldplay music ! I am pretty sure if every people who had listened their music even one time, he/she will recognize the music of coldplay haha. In addition, the typical voice of chris martin will make you fly, fly away through the wind and bring you the feel of convenience and optimism (over again).
Back to the paradise, hey have you seen the video clip? Ooh you have to my man ! Its sooo damn funny ya' know ! Although i dont know what actually it means, but the elephant costumes they wear are very funny!! I'd love to have it, yeah! haha. Umm, do you know what they mean by wearing elephant costumes? anyone?

also check "U.F.O" "every teardrop is a waterfall" and "princess of china" fellas !

5 komentar:

  1. yahh telat deh , padahal mau posting ttg ini juga :/
    tapi setuju lagunya asik :)

  2. yess haha. ufo juga asik lho sayang baru paradise yg ada vidklipnya. suka yg mana lagi lagunya lam?

  3. tentu saja princess of china . behh mantapp ! oya sama up in flames .. album yg ini techno banget e ..

  4. tentu saja princess in china sama up in flames :) mangstaaaab !

  5. yoii, ahh keren keren semua ding kalo didengerin ternyataaa. sayang liriknya ketinggian, gak ngerti maksut lagunya.. haha


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