Kamis, 25 April 2013

You paused.

Here is one of many scenes from Yes Man film that I.. ah I like. 
And you know what? I can memorize it outside my brain lho, hyahaha :D

Are you serious?
You say yes to everything?
Even if you don't like it?

No, of course not.


Oh, good. What a relief.
I thought you lied all the time, 
but it's just sometimes. 
That's really excellent.
So you didn't wanna
come to my show...
...you didn't wanna go jogging with me,
you didn't wanna travel with me?

Yes, I did. That was my idea.

When I asked you
if you wanted to move in together...
...that took a lot for me to do that,
and I meant it.
I didn't know what to expect,
but I guess I figured...
...like an adult, you were gonna
weigh the options.
You paused.
You wanted to say no but you couldn't.
Cause You had to say yes.

That's not entirely true.

How do I know if anything you did...
...was because you wanted to or because
you were following some damn program?


Bye, Carl.

 NB: memorize it outside my brain >> hafal di luar kepala haha

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