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Arsenal Tour 2013 - Indonesia

And finally, like heaven on earth, like oasis on a desert, and like a love in hurt (uoh), now it is official that Arsenal will come to Indonesia!!! *scream*
The Gunners will play against the Indonesian national team in their pre-season friendly on Sunday, July 14 at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. It will be Arsenal’s first trip to Indonesia since 1983! Awesome!
Now, i want to give you, who really-really-wants to watch them, and put it as your dream, information about the ticket sales. Here they are..

So, there will be 2 session of ticket sales. First, pre-sales ticket, that will start from april 7th - May 7th 2013. To buy the pre-sales ticket, you must have the "Telkomsel Poin". What is The Telkomsel Poin? "Telkomsel Poin" is the point that you get when you refill your Telkomsel card. Every Rp. 5000,- you've used, every 1 point you'll get. And to buy the ticket, you have to collect 50 point. After you have the point, all you have to do is sending the messages ARS to 777 and then you can choose the category of the ticket that you will buy. Here the categories of pre-sale ticket..

Pre-sale Ticket Price
1. VIP Barat: Rp 600.000
2. VIP Timur: Rp 400.000
3. Kategori 1: Rp 240.000
4. Kategori 2: Rp 160.000
5. Kategori 3: Rp 80.000

So, have you reach the 50 point?

Second, normal ticket, will start from 7th June 2013 til the matchday. You can buy the on-line ticket sales from www.kiostix.com dan m-pro.co.id or another ticket box.
Here the categories..

Normal Ticket Price
1. VIP Barat: Rp 750.000
2. VIP Timur: Rp 500.000
3. Kategori 1: Rp 300.000
4. Kategori 2: Rp 200.000
5. Kategori 3: Rp 100.000

So, what are you waitin' for? Let make your dream come true maan! 
By the way, do want to join with me? anyone? I am very welcome for this :)

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